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Brisendine’s Story

Born on December 31, 1975, in Dallas, Texas, William Brisendine (Will) represents a harmonious blend of creativity and technological prowess. With a deeply ingrained passion for information technology and an innate drive to assist, Will has built a reputation for aiding small business owners in navigating the complex tech landscape.

Early Life

An intrinsic curiosity marked Will’s formative years in the Lewisville, Texas, community. An Advanced with Honors graduate from Edward Marcus High School, Will set himself apart with his self-taught technical abilities, notably constructing his first computer, later used in college, from parts he resourcefully sourced through dumpster dives.


While his studies at Stephen F. Austin State University were immersed in Art and filmmaking, Will’s formal education was obtained at the University of Texas at Dallas and centered around Computer Science. Although, much of Will’s genuine technical prowess was self-developed. His resourcefulness and hands-on experiences in his early years immensely supplemented his academic pursuits.


Embarking on his professional journey in 2000, Will began as a Desktop Repair Technician and helpdesk support engineer. His career has since flourished through roles as a Systems Administrator, Senior Technology Consultant, and over a decade as an IT Director. At the heart of his professional passion for technology is a commitment to helping small businesses thrive. Will has been instrumental in diagnosing technical issues and implementing practical solutions, enabling companies to operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Personal Life

William continues to immerse himself in various personal and community initiatives outside his professional sphere in Grapevine, Texas. Brisendine’s love for technology isn’t just a career; it’s a lifelong passion that permeates every aspect of his life.


Throughout his career, Will has received numerous accolades, a testament to his expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to aiding small business owners. His approach, which combines technical knowledge with a genuine desire to assist, has made him a sought-after figure in his community.


For collaborations, consultations, or a friendly meet and greet, Will Brisendine can be reached through the contact form on this website or via LinkedIn. Brisendine’s door is always open to small business owners needing technological guidance and solutions.

Will Brisendine

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Where Does Your Website Rank On Google?

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