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I provide tailored Technical and Digital Marketing services to small businesses across North Texas.

William Brisendine

Your Final Destination For All Things IT

Every small business or startup needs a web presence, email, and a digital marketing strategy to remain competitive in their respective industry. However, I understand that not every business owner possesses the technical expertise or desire to explore, implement, and administer the appropriate technological solutions.

With 20+ years of experience, I can manage the IT and digital marketing aspects of your small business. I provide cost-effective, dependable, and personalized services that cater to the unique needs of your business. If you seek a technical consultant who can offer tailored advice and solutions aligned with your business goals, look no further.

Will Brisendine

Local Web Design in
Grapevine, Dallas, Frisco, Prosper,

South Lake and More.

Responsive Web Design

User Friendly Experiences

All businesses deserve a beautiful and functional website. I build high-quality WordPress websites that convert.

High converting design

Optimized for mobile

SEO Friendly

CMS Included

Customized to fit your needs 

What is a Responsive Web Design?

Mobile First Web Design.

Have you ever had the experience of browsing a website on your computer or laptop that was well-organized, easy to navigate, and visually appealing? And have you then tried accessing that same website on a mobile phone or tablet? If so, did you notice any differences in the layout or navigation?

A website that is designed to automatically adjust its layout, content, and features based on the device being used to access it (whether a PC browser, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) is known as a responsive website. This means that the site will reorganize, resize, and modify its elements to fit the screen size and shape of the device being used.

I follow a Mobile-First approach when designing websites, starting with the smallest screen size and gradually scaling up to larger screens. By doing so, I ensure that the website is optimized for viewing on any device, which can enhance the overall user experience for your visitors.

Technology Solutions for Small Business.

Your Final Destination

for IT.

I specialize in delivering technology solutions that are tailored to suit the specific technical requirements of small businesses. My pricing model is based on a per-user basis, which enables my clients to forecast their monthly expenses with accuracy. Additionally, I strive to provide a complete range of technology solutions and digital marketing services, making me a one-stop destination for small enterprises. With a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, my services are ideal for small businesses that employ up to 50 staff members.

Data Center
Remote Support
Sever Maintenance
Personalized Service

Technical & Digital Marketing Services
Brisendine Consulting

I Make IT Personal.

Website Design

I design WordPress websites that are responsive and user-friendly using Divi and Elementor frameworks.


Search Engine Optimization

My SEO marketing services are tailored to be a cost-effective option for small businesses.

Website Hosting

My web hosting solution includes daily backups, continuous monitoring, security, plugin updates, and more.

Managed IT Services

Tired of managing IT-related problems? My Managed IT service is tailored to be an affordable option addressing the core technology needs of small businesses.

Technical Consulting

Have a project or thinking about upgrading your network or servers? I can help. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right solution. 

Structured Cabling & WiFi

Properly installed structured cabling is vital for managing an efficient network. I install Ethernet cabling in server rooms, offices, and data centers. 

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Get more traffic to your website.

A well-designed website that communicates your company’s message effectively may not achieve success without online traffic. Mere addition of a few keywords to your site does not suffice for optimization. I provide a comprehensive analysis of SEO and user behavior to ensure that your website is visible on Google and produces more conversions. An increase in your conversion rate translates to a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Brisendine Consulting SEO
Google Analytics


What our clients say

Chad Hatcher

Chad Hatcher

Xtreme Heights

William helped me out so much with setting up a new site and getting my SEO set up. It seemed like simple stuff but I suggest having him do it because its not as easy as it looks. William is quick in responding and does amazing work. Thank Will.

Dr. R. J. Potter

Dr. Robert Potter

R. J. Potter Company

Will is responsive, resourceful, and capable.
He has very wide experience so he can address almost any IT issue.

Calling Person to Person

Jeanne Detterman

Calling Person To Person

Through the years, we have had issues from major crashes to minor glitches, and Brisendine Consulting has been there every time to get us back up and running quickly. They also developed our website, which has been a game changer; it brings business to us by providing us visibility in the current marketplace. Without the Brisendine Consulting team, we still wouldn’t be in business today. 

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