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Company Name: Anonymous
Location: Houston, Texas
Project Scope: Network Installation & Configuration
Project Duration: October 20 – October 22, 2023

Recently, I had the privilege of performing a network installation¬†that included installing¬†Unifi equipment for a client in Houston, Texas. A robust and reliable network infrastructure is crucial for success in such a dynamic environment. In this post, I will take you through my installation process and showcase how the Unifi ecosystem transformed my client’s network.

Network Installation

Project Description:

When my client decided to establish a new office in Houston, Texas, they had specific needs: a dependable network and continuous 24/7 security surveillance. However, my client’s IT budget didn’t allow the costly annual licensing fees often associated with network solutions like Cisco, Extreme Networks, Fortinet, or Watchguard. This is where Unifi became the ideal choice, as Unifi products do not have software licenses or subscriptions.

By performing a network installation using Unifi’s network infrastructure, I delivered a resilient and secure networking solution that precisely met their immediate business and financial needs, all while providing flexibility for future growth and expansion.

Project Components:

  1. Dream Machine SE: The network installation and configuration of the Dream Machine SE provided my client with a high-performance router designed to serve as the central point of the network in addition to ease of management using either a web browser or mobile app.
  2. U6LR Wireless Access Points Deployment: A Unifi U6 Long-Range wireless access point provides WiFi-6 and 4×4 MIMO technology and Wi-Fi coverage up to 1,250 Sq Ft. Placement and setup of two U6LR Wireless Access Points provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the client’s premises.
  3. Security Camera Installation: Upgrading my client’s security surveillance system with two G4 Professional Bullet-Style Security Cameras (UVC-G4-Pro), provided impressive features such as 4K video resolution, 3x optical zoom, IR night vision, and audio recording. The addition of one AI Professional (UVC-AI-Pro) security camera introduced advanced AI technology capable of detecting people, reading license plates, and more, enhancing security and surveillance. Great for a lobby or parking lot entrance.
  4. Unifi Professional 48 PoE Switches: Deploying two Unifi Professional 48 PoE Switches (USW-Pro-48-POE) provided power (PoE) and data connectivity to various endpoint devices within my client’s network.
  5. Unifi Power Distribution Professional Integration: The integration of the Unifi Power Distribution Professional (USP-PDU-Pro-U) provided efficient power distribution to all network components in my client’s network rack.
  6. Network Rack Organization: Setting up a network rack with meticulous cable management to ensure a tidy and efficient network infrastructure.
2-post Network Rack
Unifi G4-Pro Bullet
Unifi U6-LR Wireless Access Point

My Installation Process:

  1. Network Rack Setup: My client moved into office space previously occupied by a former tenant. As such, the former tenant left behind a 2-post rack with functional patch panels.
  2. Router and Switch Installation: The Unifi Dream Machine SE (UDM-SE) and Unifi Professional 48 PoE switches were strategically placed in the rack, skipping 1U for cable management to optimize airflow and accessibility.
  3. Power Distribution: The Unifi Power Distribution Professional (USP-PDU-Pro) was integrated into the cabinet to efficiently distribute power to all devices.
  4. Wireless Access Points: The installation of two U6LR (U6-LR) Wireless Access Points were strategically positioned throughout the premises, ensuring seamless device coverage.
  5. Security Cameras: The G4 Professional (UVC-G4-Pro) Bullet-Style Security Cameras and AI Bullet-Style Security cameras were installed at key locations, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  6. Configuration and Testing: I configured and thoroughly tested each component after the physical installation to ensure it functioned flawlessly.

Benefits of a Unifi System:

The Unifi ecosystem’s integration and management capabilities made this installation seamless and efficient. Some key benefits of Unifi include:

Centralized Management: With a Unifi Cloud G2 Plus key (UCK-G2-Plus), Dream Router (UDR), or Dream Machine (UDM-Pro or UDM-SE), it is easy to monitor and manage the entire network from a single interface.

Scalability: The Unifi ecosystem allows for easy expansion as the client’s needs grow, ensuring their network remains future-proof.

Security: The combination of Unifi’s security features and the availability of high-quality surveillance cameras ensures a secure environment for both data and physical assets.

Reliability: The redundancy and failover features of the Dream Machine SE and Unifi switches provide the highest level of network uptime.

Conclusion: The successful network installation of Unifi equipment for my client in Houston, Texas, has elevated their network infrastructure to a new level of performance and security. With the Dream Machine SE as the core, supported by high-quality access points, robust switches, and advanced security cameras, my client has a network that meets their current needs and is prepared for future growth. The well-organized network rack and cable management ensure a clean and efficient setup, minimizing downtime and troubleshooting efforts.

If you’re considering a network upgrade or expansion in North Dallas or the Houston area, I highly recommend exploring the Unifi ecosystem for its reliability, scalability, maintenance cost, and ease of management. The solution can transform your network infrastructure and empower your business or organization to thrive in a digital age.

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